2N® Access Commander - license for +5 devices (block of 5 licenses)

2N® Access Commander - license for +5 devices (block of 5 licenses)

2N, Access Commander software, management software for all 2N Access Units and Helios IP (video) intercom systems, license for 5 devices (block of 5 units)

With this software you can easily manage all of your (video) intercom, access control systems and hardware centerally, prevents unauthorized persons from entering your building at set times, you not only manages all the hardware in your system, you can also status see your Access Units in real-time, with a simple and intuitive user interface, copy settings across devices, integrated with systems from third parties such as Milestone, supports multiple web browsers (optimally Google Chrome), up to 500 users and 100 devices, free version download for 1 device, when ordering the license, always specify the serial number of 1 of the Access Units or intercom stations that will be connected to the software, this unit must always remain active on this computer

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