Snom IP DECT M400 (Dual Pack: 2x M400) - NFR (1 per Snom partner)

Snom IP DECT M400 (Dual Pack: 2x M400) - NFR (1 per Snom partner)

The dual-cell M400 DECT base station offers the full range of telephony business features. In a dual cell installation, it ensures uninterrupted availability, seamless handover and can be used with all Snom multicell endpoints.

The M400 provides an automated dual-cell chain to the local network to upscale the communication solution and features a powerful DECT call manager for up to 20 parallel calls with up to 40 SIP accounts in a dual-cell setup.

For Cloud and VoIP PBX partners, the M400 offers remote maintainability and zero-touch deployment. T

he M400 complies with the latest encryption standards and shares the same architecture as the M900 multicell system for the latest software and security updates.

More Information
Cell TypeDual Cell
GAP CompatibleNo
Max. n° of handsets20
Parallel calls10
Repeater compatibleNo
Warranty3 Years
  • Dual-cell scalability
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Security (TLS & SRTP)
  • OTA Updates
  • Directory