2N® Access Unit - 125kHz

2N® Access Unit - 125kHz

The 2N® Access Unit RFID is an access control unit based purely on IP technology. It combines the functions of a traditional door controller and RFID reader, which significantly reduces installation, cabling, and maintenance costs. It supports cards or other media using 125kHZ or 13.56MHz frequencies.

  • Simple installation with a single cable
  • Advanced event reporting options
  • NFC technology support for door opening
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Warranty3 Years
  • Access security
    Use 2N® Access Unit RFID to prevent unauthorised access to a building, ensuring the highest level of security for all people in the building.
  • 2N® Remote Configuration
    Save time and money for onsite support thanks to our free service. Access all your devices remotely via secured cloud connection. Fastest response to your customers requests.
  • NFC support
    Thanks to wireless NFC technology, you can easily open the door using a smartphone with the 2N® Mobile Key application installed.
  • Advanced event reporting
    The 2N® Access Unit RFID not only allows logs to be sent to the Syslog server, but also e-mail notifications to building security or an HTTPs command to a third-party system for selected events.
  • Web interface administration
    Simply connect the access control unit to your LAN and everything can be set up via the intuitive web interface.
  • Tamper protection
    2N® Access Unit RFID is equipped with a mechanical protective switch. As soon as anyone attempts to damage the unit mechanically, the switch is activated and an alarm is set off.
  • Monitoring entrances and exits
    Other expansion modules (e.g. an exit RFID reader, keypad, or Bluetooth etc.) can be connected to the 2N® Access Unit RFID, allowing you to secure a door easily from both sides.
  • Indoor and outdoor use
    Thanks to its mechanical properties, the 2N access control unit is designed for either indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Simple installation
    A single ethernet cable, Power over Ethernet, and the option to connect a lock, exit button, or door contact directly to the unit make installation very simple.