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18 janv. 2022

Upgrade your customers onto V18 and have them benefit from improved video conferencing features, including:

iOS & Android users need V18

We have pushed Android and iOS development at a great pace for V18. Customers using mobile apps to connect to a V16 instance will need to upgrade to V18 before May 1st 2022. After this date, the app will no longer connect to the PBX or be supported. Improvements to the apps on v18 include:

Version 16 end of life: Nov 2022

November 30th 2022 brings the official date that version 16 support will be withdrawn. After this date, security patches and reactivations of installs will not be possible so customers must have upgraded to V18.

V18 upgrade made easy: Hosted by 3CX Free

Upgrade to Version 18 and you can benefit from an entire year's free hosting on 3CX. We will manage your system for you, so you can save on time and resources to focus on boosting sales instead. Migrating to Hosted by 3CX is simple. To get started, read the blog on our free hosting offer.

3CX v18 Update 2 is also available for download on Windows and Linux on Debian 10.