Expand your projects with Snom Beacons

25 avr. 2021

Expand your projects with Snom Beacons.

A beacon acts as a base station and enables client-side communication with devices and so-called "tags".

The beacons communicate with the end devices and the existing DECT base stations.

In this way, a wide variety of scenarios can be mapped, including:

  • indoor navigation
  • theft protection
  • inventory management
  • tracking solutions
  • and much more.

The advantage of beacons is obvious. On the one hand, they are inexpensive to purchase, can be installed with minimal effort and, thanks to the BLE standard (Bluetooth Low Energy), consume hardly any electricity. In addition, beacons normally do not affect existing infrastructures such as WLAN, DECT or mobile telephony.

Even medical devices remain undisturbed.