UC Experts SIP Trunk is 3CX Certified - How to configure

21 mars 2021

Configuring the Trunk with 3CX

Being Belgium’s leading VoIP distributor, UC Experts offers a wide range of Value Add solutions to its partners with a direct and personal approach. Amongst them is their reliable and high-quality SIP Trunking solution with no-nonsense monthly billing and user-friendly customer portal.

Adding the Trunk

Go to “SIP Trunks” and select “Add SIP Trunk”

  • Select Country: BE
  • Select Provider in your Country: UC Experts
  • Main trunk number: This will have been provided to you by UC Experts. You must enter the number in the E164 number format (e.g. +32123456789)
  • Press “OK”

Under the “General” tab in the “Trunk Details” enter the registrar and in the “Authentication” section your Authentication ID and Password (these will be supplied to you by UC Experts).

UC Experts SIP Trunk is 3CX Certified - How to configure 1

Once you have filled in these fields as given to you by UC Experts, scroll to the top of the page and press OK. At this point, if you refresh the page you should see your UC Experts Trunk appear as Registered.

Adding Additional DIDs

To associate all other DIDs/Numbers you have in your UC Experts account with 3CX, go to the Management Console → SIP Trunks, double-click on your UC ExpertsTrunk and go to the “DIDs” tab.

Here you should already see 1 entry; that is the Main Trunk number you have set. Add all other DIDs/Numbers you have to the list in the E164 number format (e.g. +32123456789) and press “OK”.

Creating Inbound Rules

Now that you have associated all your DIDs/Numbers with your SIP Trunk in 3CX, you can create Inbound Rules to set where calls will be routed when those numbers are called. Instructions on how to create Inbound Rules can be found here.

Number Format


When configuring UC Experts SIP Trunks in 3CX, all numbers should be entered in the national number format (e.g. 02123456789), otherwise, call routing will fail.

Outbound Caller ID

UC Experts Trunks do not support Clip No Screening which means you can only present numbers associated with your account as Outbound Caller ID.

Outbound Rules

When configuring your Outbound Rules, numbers can be dialed in all valid number formats. More information about how to create Outbound Rules and how they work can be found here.