Yealink CP700, HD speakerphone

Yealink CP700, HD speakerphone

Yealink CP700 is the portable, personal speakerphone that rewards you with a trouble-free plug and play connectivity, so that you can connect it to your PC, tablet and smartphone via Bluetooth wireless pairing and USB wired connection. To let you feel free to sit at any end of the table or walk around your office room, CP700 packs itself with Yealink HD voice quality. Wrap the CP700 with the 2 omnidirectional microphones and the Yealink audio algorithms, we have crafted an elaborate speakerphone experience for you indeed, including the 360-degree voice pick-up ability and the best echo cancellation which always keeps you staying focused on your conversation. To let your calls on the go, CP700 not only owns a premium battery life with 9-hour talk time, but also a protective zipper bag. Yealink CP700 is your speakerphone that presents the immersive sound for either calls or music and makes the call controls accessible on CP700 itself directly.

Display No Display
Warranty2 Years

• Touch Buttons: owerBluetoothCall answerCall hangupVolume upVolume downMuteVoice assistant/Teams

• Connectivity: USB 2.0 & Bluetooth

• USB cable length: 2.6 feet / 0.8 meter

• Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 4.0

• Wireless Range: 100 feet / 30 meters

• Built-in battery

• Charging time/power: 3 hours (5V/500mA)

• Talk time: 9 hours

• Standby time: 360 days (Power safe after 30min)