2N® Induction Loop for 2N® Helios IP

2N® Induction Loop for 2N® Helios IP

2N® Induction Loop wirelessly transmits sound from the 2N IP intercom to the affected person’s hearing aid. A hearing impaired visitor to the building thus gets the benefit of voice communication. By installing the induction loop at the door you meet not only the necessary standards, but facilitate the hearing aid wearer’s communication e.g. with the reception desk.

  • Audio transmission to hearing aids
  • Simple connection to the 2N IP intercom
  • Built-in antenna
More Information
Warranty3 Years
Mechanical properties
Output short-circuit resistance: time-unlimited
Frequency response: 100Hz – 5kHz ∓ 3dB
Temperature range: -20°C – 50°C
Ingress Protection: IP65
Dimensions: 144×100×31mm
Weight 0,3kg
Power supply
Power-supply voltage: 8-18V DC
Supply current for 12V power supply: 1Ω load on full power: 1.4A sinusoid signal; 1A pink noise signal 8Ω load, half power: 550mA, sinusoidal signal; 400mA pink noise signal without signal: 100mA standby: max 10mA
Transition to standby without signal: 10s
Input level baseline: 100mV – 6 Vef
Input level elevated: 1V – 35 Vef
Impedance at source: 2kΩ parallel with 0.3H
Output current, 1Ω load: 2.2 Aef (sinusoidal) full power: 1.6 Aef (pink noise)
Output current, 8Ω load: 730 mAef sinusoidal signal half power: 520 mAef pink noise signal