Why UC Experts SIP Trunking?

A SIP trunk gives you the possibility to link a PBX to a telephone network over the internet. You’ll use your existing internet line as a replacement for your old ISDN or PSTN line. Just like this setup requires you to have a provider, so does SIP trunking. UC Experts is the preferred SIP Provider for 3CX PBX. We’re happy to offer you a custom solution that fits your needs. It’s possible to link your SIP trunk to a SIP capable PBX of a different brand too. The biggest advantage with UC Experts as your provider? That would be that your call quality rises, while your cost gets reduced.

High Quality Calls

Calls are securely transported over your existing internet connection, with crystal clear audio. It's also possible to maintain your current number. We take care of a smooth transfer once you start using our SIP trunk.


Your company is growing and you need to be able to have multiple simultaneous calls? For us, this is an easy setup that doesn’t require extra alterations to your center. We can do all these changes remote, so there’s no need for a technician to come to your office.

100% Compatible

Our SIP trunks are 100% compatible with your PBX. We advise you to opt for 3CX, considering its cost reducing benefit. That being said, it is of course possible to link other brands with our SIP trunks, whilst still enjoying an impressive cost reduction.

Cost reducing

The biggest benefit you enjoy when you opt for SIP trunking? You instantly lower your phone costs! 2 communication channels only cost a fraction of the standard ISDN line. Calls (calculated per second) are on average 30% cheaper! You can save up to 80% when you go for a combination with a 3CX PBX.


Customer Portal

  • Transparent and detailed usage reports
  • Download your invoices
  • Financial Dashboard

UC Experts - Reseller
Being a UC Experts Reseller means you resell our SIP Trunking on a commission base.
UC Experts directly invoices your customer on a monthly base.
UC Experts - Partner
Owning an Operator License (BIPT) means you can invoice your customers directly.
Partnering with UC Experts means you use our SIP trunking in a wholesale model (Whitelabel).
Our calling rates, expressed in Euro per minute are charged per second (from the first second).