Annual Licence

Annual Licence

Select which edition you require. See our edition comparison sheet.

Specify the number of calls your system (internal and external) will need to handle simultaneously.

Specify the number of additional years ( per year)

When buying 3 years or 5 years of maintenance you’ll get 5% or 10% discount respectively


What’s included in the annual subscription:

  • 3CX SMTP Service – receive missed call, voicemail and meeting notifications
  • Security updates
  • 3CX FQDN service
  • Auto renewal of Let’s encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Updates, notifications and use of the 3CX Smartphone Apps
  • PBX Upgrades and Updates – includes new features, fixes and interops.
  • IP Phone Firmware and Template Updates
  • CRM Updates and additions
  • VoIP Provider Templates Updates and additions
  • 3CX WebMeeting – Web conferencing features for all users
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