Jabra GN 1218 AC2m (Attenuation Cord)

Jabra GN 1218 AC2m (Attenuation Cord)

The Jabra GN1218 cord offers an improved experience for your customers. The cord enables different microphone setting levels which allow the microphone amplification to be adjusted in order to facilitate better sound to be transmitted for your call recipients.

The Jabra GN1218 AC 2m is ideal for call centric users, who listen and talk with customers for a living using Jabra Biz 1500, 2300 and 2400II headsets compatible with the 78xx/88xx Cisco IP phones series and most standard deskphones using permutation A or B.

Simply connect the Jabra GN1218 cord and Jabra headset through the quick disconnect plug and set the microphone level to your preference.

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