Beronet announces partnership with Belgium SIP Provider Intertel Telecom

Sep 1, 2018


beroNet GmbH, a VoIP technology manufacturer, announces today that the interoperability testing with the Belgium SIP carrier Intertel Telecom has been successful.
Intertel Telecom is one of the most important VoIP carrier in Belgium. Thanks to this technological partnership beroNet partners will be able to use their SIP trunks and get full technical support from both sides.

“The interoperability tests went very quickly and smoothly,” said Christian Richter, CEO of beroNet. “We are very excited to start this new partnership with Intertel Telecom. We believe that our Cloud Managed VoIP Gateways will be a great new asset for Belgium VoIP integrators using Intertel Telecom solutions.”
This technical partnership reinforces first beroNet’s presence in the Belgium market.
“For years beroNet solutions have been used in combination with our VoIP applications” said Tom Jansens, sales manager at Intertel Telecom. “Through this enhanced cooperation with beroNet, telecom services are extra flexible and more scalable and even easier to apply. Our shared passion and willingness of customers to provide the best, makes this partnership predicts a bright future.”

Intertel Intelecom was founded in 2001 as one of the first Internet Telephony Service Providers in Belgium. Intertel Telecom has many years of experience in VoIP services and infrastructure as a licensed B2B telecom operator. Based on the strong reputation of the Intertel Voice network, Intertel Telecom grew to a significant player for enterprise telephony with a broad portfolio of innovative solutions.

beroNet GmbH is a German company founded in 2002 by 3 engineering entrepreneurs and is a recognized expert in the development of products and technologies for both the enterprise and service provider markets that enable reliable and efficient VoIP, ISDN, Analog & GSM connectivity technologies and through access devices engineered and manufactured in Germany.