Let’s Encrypt – DST Root CA X3 Expiration Hotfix

Oct 6, 2021

Let’s Encrypt – DST Root CA X3 Expiration Hotfix
A hotfix is now available for customers who have been affected by an expired root cross-signing certificate by Let’s Encrypt – one of the most popular SSL/TLS certificate issuers globally

Who should take action
If you are “Hosted by 3CX”, you have already been taken care of.
If you don’t use IP Phones or are not facing any of the above limitations, you may stop here. (Within the next 90 days your system will automatically update the certificates with the new certificate chain.)
If you are operating on custom domains, you will have to validate any impact and find a solution that works for your setup.
If you or your customers are currently facing any of the limitations mentioned above, install the hotfix below. The below solution only applies to 3CX provided FQDNs and certificates.