What can we do for you

Sep 13, 2021

What can we do for you?
1. As official Belgian distributor of 3CX, Snom, Fanvil and beroNet and through our long coöperation and experience with 3CX we can assist you in the succesful implementation of the product as a complete VoIP solution for your customers.
We also distribute the Yealink, Grandstream, Poly, Jabra and Sennheiser brands.
2. Our focus is primarily on resellers who carry 3CX communication system as their primary PBX solution.
But we also supply IP telephones to resellers with a focus on other platforms.
3. We like to provide our partners with a solution to host their 3CX PBX's without the need in setting up their own datacenter infrastructure.
4. High Quality Calls!
Calls are securely transported over your existing internet connection, with crystal clear audio. Our SIP trunks are 100% compatible with different types op PBX's, including 3CX.
5. Dect Survey? In need of a second pair of eyes and ears during your Install? Aftersales issues giving you a headache?
Our certified VoIP engineers assist you on-site or remote to your needs.
6. We provide you with a complete VoIP solution for a fixed price per month. You make your own margin.
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