What is Call Parking

May 25, 2022

What is Call Parking?
And how do you use it with 3CX?

You can put incoming calls in a waiting room where they can be picked up by anyone who is using your phone system.

To park a call into a room press the transfer button on your SIP device followed by entering the number *0[0-9] (eg *02). The active call on your extension will be placed into room 2. The transferred party will be placed on hold.

To unpark a call which is parked in a room, create a new call from your SIP device to *1[0-9] (eg *12).

When do you use it?
for example:
When you want to transfer a call to another device on the same extension.
You picked up a call on your deskphone, but you need to go check something in the wherehouse.
You can park the call with your deskphone and pick up the call with your 3CX smartphone app.