Snom A190 DECT Multi-Cell Headset

Snom A190 DECT Multi-Cell Headset

A190 Multicell DECT Headset

Modern DECT headsets offer many advantages in daily business life. They provide mobility and effectiveness at the same time – because your hands are free to take notes, type or carry something from A to B. Headsets have to fulfil a variety of requirements. For example, they have to be lightweight and comfortable to wear while meeting high quality and excellent sound standards. Moreover, headsets need an extended coverage range to be able to make calls anywhere.

With the new Snom A190 multicell DECT headsets, we not only exceed these requirements, we also revolutionize mobility in the workplace.

Revolutionary range thanks to multicell support:

Real mobility with headsets can only be achieved if you are not affected by "range anxiety". Nothing is more annoying than when an important call is disturbed by interference or is even cut-off because you walk outside the operating range of your headset. With modern Bluetooth devices this range is approximately 5 to 10 meters, but some noise interference can be heard even before. The A190 does not have these problems, not only because it is based on the much less interference-prone DECT technology, but it is also a multi-cell solution. This means that the active call is simply forwarded from one DECT base station (e.g. M900) to the next - completely uninterrupted and maintaining the best voice quality. So you can easily move between floors or even buildings without worrying about headset range.

Revolutionary technology:

The A190 impresses not only because of its much extended range, but also because of its integrated technology. It has a modern, adjustable microphone with built-in noise and echo cancellation and a built-in broadband speaker.

The A190 can be used in two different modes: in paired mode, the A190 can be coupled to an existing phone so that you can dial a number and manage your call through your headset for example; in stand-alone mode to let the A190 operate as a stand-alone phone.

In addition to its modern technology, the Snom A190 is extremely comfortable to wear. Thanks to its high-quality design and extremely lightweight body; this headset weighs just 45 g. All this despite the integrated battery that allows up to 7 hours of talk time.

The Snom A190 is a modern, lightweight and extremely flexible DECT headset, which thanks to its multi-cell support, not only can it be used everywhere but it also delivers perfect audio quality. All this at a more than attractive price!

More Information
Warranty1 Year
  • Over-the-head wearing style with adjustable microphone boom
  • Monoaurales headset with audio controls and LED indicator
  • Stand-alone mode: an account is configured to an A190
  • Paired mode: an account is shared by the A190 and a DECT-handset
  • Wideband audio support
  • Talk-time: 7h (NB), 6h (WB)
  • Light-weight design 45g
  • HAC compliant
  • Compatible to M-series base station (1)