Add ProPBX hosting to existing license

Add ProPBX hosting to existing license

Adding ProPBX hosting on your existing 3CX license was never that easy!

Step 1 (this step)
: Copy/Paste your existing license key in the verify field

Step 2 (this step) : Click on "Verify and order ProPBX"
In the next step, the size of the ProPBX instance will automatically be scaled on the size of your 3CX license

Step 3  : Choose how you'd like us to setup your ProPBX instance:
  - Install 3CX from scratch: fill-in all configuration details
  - Restore a 3CX backup file: send a full-backup of an existing 3CX installation to [email protected] using a file transfer tool at choice

Step 4: Click on the Order button to add your ProPBX Hosted 3CX to your shoppingcart

Important information:
- We'll get your ProPBX instance up-and-running within 8 businesshours
- Once your ProPBX instance is running, you'll receive the login details in a seperate e-mail
- Optional SBC's will be shipped within 16 businesshours from placing your order
- If you chose to send us a backup file to restore, please contact our technical staff by phone to make further arrangements

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