Annual Licence

Annual Licence

Selecteer welke editie u wenst. Bekijk onze editie vergelijkingstabel.

Specificieer het aantal gesprekken dat het systeem (intern en extern) simultaan moet kunnen verwerken.

Specificeer het aantal aanvullende jaren ( per jaar)

When buying 3 years or 5 years of maintenance you’ll get 5% or 10% discount respectively


What’s included in the annual subscription:

  • 3CX SMTP Service – receive missed call, voicemail and meeting notifications
  • Security updates
  • 3CX FQDN service
  • Auto renewal of Let’s encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Updates, notifications and use of the 3CX Smartphone Apps
  • PBX Upgrades and Updates – includes new features, fixes and interops.
  • IP Phone Firmware and Template Updates
  • CRM Updates and additions
  • VoIP Provider Templates Updates and additions
  • 3CX WebMeeting – Web conferencing features for all users
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