3CX – Get your hands on SP2 and the new 3CX Switchboard

1 dec. 2018

Under the unassuming name of “Service Pack 2” we have packed a raft of much requested features that sets 3CX apart from the competition and lifts 14 further as a ground breaking release.

Switchboard/Call Management

Drag and Drop

 The “Expanded Presence” screen is replaced with a more powerful Switchboard functionality which has the following modes – views:

  • User – shows presence of colleagues in a compact view
  • Receptionist – shows incoming calls & presence to allow for easy handling of inbound calls
  • Manager – merges the Queue Manager & Receptionist views
  • Q-Manager – shows status of queue calls & queues for queue call management
  • Wallboard – for displaying Queue status to agents

Together with the new Switchboard functionality we have added powerful call handling features:

Drag & Drop calls for Quick blind or attended call transfer from receptionist view.
Better view of active calls with better filter options.

More info here.

New Wallboard

Gone is the limited wallboard webview – new is the Wallboard view which packs many new real time statistics.

3CX Wallboard

 The wallboard is now a view option from the 3CX Switchboard, so it requires you to maximize the Switchboard on a screen and make it part of the queue. More info here.


The much awaited out of the box failover functionality is also part of SP2. In SP1, hot standby wasalready available, but in SP2 you can now monitor the active server from the standby server and start services and run scripts upon detection of a failure. See more info here .

Please note that licensing has not been finalized – it is made available to PRO users right now but might require additional licensing in the future for the standby server.

Management Console Revamp, CDR

The Management Console was given an overhaul, streamlining functions and making it easier to navigate & understand.

The CDR feature has been re-introduced and improved significantly. Better, more detailed logging with easier configuration of what should be logged and in what order. More information here

Jabra & Plantronics integrated drivers have been updated to the latest drivers for improved performance and features. Jabra Plantronics configuration guides.