3CX: How to train your employees on remote locations

1 jul. 2022

With some employees working from home and some working from the offices, it can be difficult to train your people live and post-conversation.

With 3CX training tools you have the right solution.
1. Listen: This allows the manager to listen into a live conversation without the caller or agent being notified that the call is being monitored.
2. Whisper: Agents who are in need of some coaching can have the manager 'whisper' on the call which means that only the agent can hear what the manager is saying, the caller cannot.
3. Barge: Sometimes if an agent gets flustered or even is being subjected to an abusive caller, the manager can opt to barge into the call and speak directly with both the agent and the caller.

Post conversation training:
Call recording is a vital element for training and monitoring.
Agent reviews and staff training sessions can greatly benefit from listening to a recorded conversation that can be paused, discussed and reviewed time and again.