3CX – SP1 v14 Available, PACKED With New Features

31 okt. 2018

BLF panel on 3CXPhone for Windows

We’ve added a “virtual” BLF side panel to the 3CX Windows Softphone, that looks and behaves like the $100 BLF button panels on IP Phones. Only it’s free and you can expand/remove it when you want! The BLF panel makes it easy to check collegues statuses and offers quicker blind and attended transfer. See these videos how easy a blind or attended transfer is.

Quick search for users / extensions to call

quick search for users

3CXPhone for Windows did not allow you to quickly search for a user from the dial pad. Now typing a letter or a number will automatically filter your contact list and suggest users/extensions. You can then call or transfer a call to a user. This will save many clicks and make transferring much, much easier. See this in action during a blind transfer and an attended transfer.

One click web meetings on demand!

Setting up ad hoc web meetings is now SO much easier. Just click on the web meeting icon in the 3CX main window to instantly setup a 3CX WebMeeting. Then add participants from the Invite button in the 3CX WebMeeting screen.


And as a reminder – all customers upgrading to v14 before 30th December will receive 25 participants for free for the lifetime of their maintenance!

Easier setting of your status!

Presence is one of the hottest unified communications features, but it requires you to set your status! In v14 SP1 that’s now a whole lot easier. The DND button on your phone sets your status to away. Secondly, you can specify that your status will automatically switch back to the previous status after a preset time, for example one hour. Set your status to “Lunch” and have it go back to available automatically an hour later.

To find out all about V14 SP1 click here