beroNet Telephony Appliance 2.0

20 jan. 2018

Each telephony appliance comes with a powerful Intel Celeron quad core processor. You can then choose from three different ram and storage options allowing the device to fit the exact need of your upcoming installation.



 A more powerful cloud managed appliance with three different options:


  •  4GB Ram
  • 60GB SSD


  •  8GB Ram
  • 120GB SSD

Extra Large

  •  16GB Ram
  • 240GB SSD

Run multiple systems using the beroNet Hypervisor

Each device comes with the beroNet Hypervisor. This allows you to run multiple systems enabling the beroNet telephony appliance to function as a silent low power data center for small to medium sized companies.

The beroNet Hypervisor also allows you to use the beroNet Market to directly install the systems of your choice. This removes the need for external hardware when installing your IP-PBX or other system.


Add beroNet VoIP Gateway technology for a complete “all-in-one” solution


By adding VoIP Gateway technology you can connect your IP-PBX solution directly to an analog, ISDN or GSM network. This provides you with the highest amount of flexibility when implementing least-cost-routing or integrating a PSTN/GSM failover.

Technical Specifications: Appliance 2.0 Datasheet EN