Get a free PRO to Enterprise upgrade

29 nov. 2021

3CX' brand new Teams integration in v18 is part of the Enterprise edition. But we’d like more of our users to try it out! So 3CX is offering all 3CX PRO edition subscriptions a free upgrade to Enterprise for the remaining term of their subscription. That means if you just renewed your subscription you will get one year free to try out the Enterprise edition!

MS Teams integration is ideal for executives within a company that require simple, reliable inbound and outbound calls, to be placed from the Teams client. The integration offers a cost-effective alternative to MS365’s Calling Plan and more advanced routing capabilities.

Dial out via 3CX SIP trunks – cut on MS domestic / international calling plans.
Configure call queues, routing, IVR from 3CX – better and simpler to manage.
Other Enterprise features:
Skill-based routing – assign calls based on the skill level of agents
Inbuilt failover – create a standby replica of your 3CX to minimize downtime.
Start / Stop call recording rights
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To upgrade your PRO subscription on the same sim call capacity on Enterprise:

Login to the Customer Portal
Select the subscription you want to upgrade
Click on the “Free Upgrade” button
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