Phonelink for Innovaphone

26 jan. 2023

PhoneLink for Innovaphone is an auto-provisioning app, allowing innovaphone administrators to add Snom phones seamlessly, by using the familiar innovaphone graphical interface. After going through the installation process, Snom phones can be added easily by just entering their MAC address.

Thanks to the integration with the SRAPS REST API, adding the MAC address on the innovaphone PBX will process the registration and the provisioning config data of the Snom devices. Once the phone boots up, it will automatically retrieve its configuration from SRAPS.

PhoneLink for innovaphone supports all models from D-Series, M-Series, MSC-Series and C-Series that are compatible with auto-provisioning by SRAPS. The app is available in the innovaphone Appstore and can be downloaded and installed directly from there.
The Snom phones are available in our webshop at
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