SBC Software License for 32 sessions on BNSBC-L

SBC Software License for 32 sessions on BNSBC-L

Add SIP-to-SIP functionality to any beroNet VoIP devices and meet your customers’ requirements with the right SBC license

With beroNet SBC Software Licenses you can connect multiple SIP devices and give each beroNet VoIP Gateway or Card basic SBC functionality. Simplify advanced PBX configurations and make IPBX Systems, VoIP Providers and legacy PBX compatible. With our modular VoIP Session Border Controller benefit additionally of a fully security solution for VoIP networks. beroNet OS integrates two concurrent SIP-to-SIP sessions. To add more concurrent sessions licenses are required.

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  • 5 Minute Installation
    Save time in dialplan configuration and port grouping by using an automatic configuration wizard. 
  • Easy to configure 
    Use a responsive Web GUI to easily configure your VoIP Gateway or SBC. 
  • Compatible with any VoIP Provider 
    Use your VoIP Gateway or SBC with any VoIP Provider 
  • SBC 
    Bridge two different IP-PBX systems and create SIP failover systems using the built-in SIP-to-SIP. 
  • Compatible with any PBX system 
    Use your VoIP Gateway or SBC with any PBX or IP-PBX system. 
  • beroNet Cloud Integration 
    With the beroCloud you have complete control of your beroNet VoIP Gateway or SBC. 
  • Expandable with Apps
    Apps include beroNet’s Survival Branch Appliance, OpenVPN and Asterisk.
  • Easy provisioning with XML 
    Directly provision beroNet Gateway devices using XML